Fine Bracelets

Fossilized Alaskan whale and woolly mammoth bone bracelets.

Unique in design, texture, and weight.

The process begins from a solid block of material. The smooth, polished finish is achieved after hours of shaping and sculpting by hand. The porous whale bone is then filled with a resin glue coating which seals and protects the life of the piece.

Prehistoric materials range between 10,000 and 120,000 years old.

Enjoy a beautiful, distinct piece of jewelry with an historic or prehistoric feel. Designed to celebrate nature and the spirit of Alaska, Petr's bracelets are works of art to last a lifetime.

Petr Bucinsky is a life-long craftsman and violin maker. Peter's Violin Shop has served Alaskan musicians and orchestras since 1971.

Petr Bucinsky Alaskan Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Fine Art ~ (907) 240-7481