Fine Pens

Petr's fine pens are made from a variety of exotic materials from around the world.

Each pen is made in his Anchorage-based studio and workshop. A life-long wood worker & violin maker, Petr's Violin Shop has serviced Alaskan musicians and orchestras since 1971.

Limited edition pens are made from fossilized walrus ivory which comes from fee simple, private lands in Alaska. No antiquity laws apply. Other limited pens are made from fossilized whale bone from the extinct Stellar Sea Cow and Woolly Mammoth.

Numerous local, South American, and African woods are used, including Jatoba, Ebony, Paduk, Pink Ivory, Oak, Maple, Panary, Wenge, and Zebra, among others.

All mechanical components are of the highest quality, including rhodium, gold, and silver. All pen barrels are made from brass. The exotic materials and woods are assembled and glued to ensure the highest durability, strength, and longevity for your pen.

No two pens are alike! Yours is truly a one-of-a-kind original!

Petr is happy to bring you these unique pens which embody both his love of wood along with a collaboration of nature's most beautiful elements. Enjoy many years of writing pleasure!

Petr Bucinsky Alaskan Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Fine Art ~ (907) 240-7481